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A kind of turd so girthy and hard to evacuate that it feels as if you have had a prolapse. If you eat nothing but burgers for a week you are likely to encounter one of these. This kind of turd was implicated in the death of rock legend Elvis Presley
Person- 'Dont use the upstairs bathroom for a while Mum. I just spent 40 minutes wrestling a gurnturd that put a crack in the royal dalton. it was like passing a brick wrapped in sandpaper and i had to chop it into pieces just to get it to flush!'

Person's mum - 'That's lovely dear. What do you want for dinner?'

Person - 'Burgers again please'
by huge jackedman May 02, 2011
any group of senseless whirly birds who stay up all night drinking and making noise that upsets neighbours. see Wastemen
Oh yeah Chris is OG helicopter crew. He hasnt pissed clear for six years
by huge jackedman May 02, 2011
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