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2 definitions by hubiedubie

The sexual act of wrapping a $5 dollar bill around the schlong and then slamming the aforementioned schlong in a girl's pooper.
One day I was out of condoms, so my gf gave me $5, but I said "f**k that bitch", I'm just gonna use the 5 and Lincoln Tunnel her.
by hubiedubie December 13, 2012
The sexual act of spitting/ejaculating into your partner's mouth. Then, the partner with the spit/semen, spits it down the first spitter's butthole.
I just ate hot cheetos, so I had a lot of spit in my mouth, so I asked my bitch if it was cool if I spit it in her mouth cuz she was thirsty. I was astonished when she asked if she could do some Repainting the Basement, but I obliged anyway, and it was worth it.
by hubiedubie February 07, 2013