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A girl who lives with benefits&fed by council.
She always wears the shiny glittering dresses but still looks cheap however she is a princess!
You can see her around your house talkin on the phone,show off her clothes to the random people,gossiping with her otherhalf..
*--I went to shopping today,look how is my dress?

---Waow it's cool!buuuut is it just a bit looks vulgar ha?How much did you pay for it?

*--Really? it's just £10 it's nothin girl !

---Nice..But don't wear it around here,otherwise you would seem like a Council Princess blabla......
by hsktr January 06, 2011
kind way of saying fuckin definitely.A blend of effin and definite.
--Jemma Jameson is effinitely on my to DO list!
by hsktr October 13, 2012
The professor who can't handle the microprocessor and never understands any computer term at all.
hey kyle!is that the pro u talked about?I ll ask smth to him
nah man he's a microprofessor,you've better ask anything!
by hsktr November 17, 2010
silly syllable mistakes that your foreign friend does all the time while texting.
--Ahoy!!how was icolloagues

-Wha!That can't possibly be the word you were tryin to send!

--Oops!sorry i was going to text you a tottally different text!lol!

-You're such a silly one! HUGS x

--Lol i know!you are the only one who always witnessing my sillybles!xOx
by hsktr October 13, 2012
Doarlink refers to 'darling' in english accent.Well,for some people who is kinda fond of hyperboles and exaggeration.

Beware of the people who says doarlink instead of darling!
Nothing is as serious as you see.
-Your order is done!

--Oh thanks hun!x

-Anytime doarlink!

--?:o :)
by hsktr October 16, 2012
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