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The smart and usually simple tactic of taking someone you like out even though they are not interested in you and pumping them full of alcoholic drinks until they succumb to your amazing charms.

Often used by people who have befriended a person of the opposite sex who is hindered from persuing a relationship with them due to factors like already having a significant other.
Ken: Dude, can't believe you nailed that girl. She wasn't even talking to you until you bought her a drink.

Dave: Yeah dave, i'm a master at chemical warfare.
#seduce #afrodisiac #panty ninja #hit and split #pantie remover
by hsfluffy March 31, 2009
a total wuss; someone who whinges a lot in order to avoid a responsibility
a person with the skill/ ability but lacks the balls/spine to complete a given task.

origin: from the character Peter Petrelli, from the tv series 'Heroes', who had the greatest power but could do nothing with it because he was too scared.
"go get some firewood"
"i can't there's animals out there"
"we're in a reserve park, the most dangerous thing out there are mosquitoes"
"MOSQUITOES! i'm leaving!"
"I can't believe you're so scared of mosquitoes. You're such a petrelli"
#wuss #sissy #mamas boy #wimp #girl pants
by hsfluffy August 29, 2007
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