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A suffix that is used to describe an adjective to an extreme. If used correctly, this phrase can result in complete hilarity. It's funny. Funny as hell.
Person 1: Man, that pass interference call was gay.
Person 2: As hell!
Meatwad: Woah! Slow down lil' piggy! If there's one thing that grosses me out, it's fat people... like you.
Shake: I'm fat?
Meatwad: As hell! Have you seen yourself?! If I were you I would not eat anything... unless you're plannin' on gettin' rid of it. And I ain't talkin 'bout no digestion, I'm talkin' 'bout *blehh* *blehh* (motions as if gagging himself)
by hpfootball September 10, 2005

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