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A small community close to downtown Dallas, which has a suburban feel and is known for being the old money part of dallas. Many girls from here grow up to become debutantes for la fiesta and dallas symphony orchestra league. The boys grow up to be in the honor guard and attend business school at SMU, Texas, and various prestigious colleges. Many of the people here are stereotyped as spoiled rich brats, but not everyone deserves this label, although there are people who most definitely do. Highland Park high school is a public school but may as well be private considering the rate of ivy league admittance and the number of kids who belong to exclusive country clubs such as brookhollow country club or dcc. Not everyone at the high school is rich but almost no one is below middle class, and you will be looked down on if you don't live in a million+ home. The people in HP are generally very good looking and the women and their daughters spend lot of time on themselves to keep it that way. There are many trophy wives with charge accounts at Neiman Marcus but many people are just educated people who have had success in life. Most people here are WASPs and conservatives, and HP probably funded a large portion of George W Bush's presidential campaign.
"omg, caroline did you see that debutante who fell down during her presentation because she was drunk off champagne, those highland park debutantes sure are beautiful though!"

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