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When the snurgle arises from it's slumber it can be named the "Snurt Snurgle". As it is in it's most 'alurt' state of mind and body.
Beware the Snurgle is especially Snurt today.
by hozzy January 16, 2008
A state of heightened bodily focus, specifically in relation to the Snurgle. An alurt Snurt Snurgle is very dangerous to all around it.
The 'alurt'-ness of the Snurgle can be measured with a stethoscope to the anus.
by hozzy May 05, 2011
A creature of great size, great hunger and with gratingly bad breath. It dreams of one day becoming human, but until then eats them to save its forest.

It is particularly dangerous in its Snurt stage, where it is infamously known as the 'Snurt Snurgle'.
by hozzy May 05, 2011

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