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2 definitions by howtheyscored

A combination of the words "Struggle" and "Ugly." San Francisco Giants announcer Mike Krukow defines it as the way things go sometimes when a ballplayer just can't put the pieces together.
"Some guys have strugly careers."

"Yeah, but what you really don't want is a strugly girlfriend."

"Ha. Yeah."
by howtheyscored June 05, 2007
Acronym for Athletic Thanks With A Pat, which refers to the male sporting ritual of slapping some major ass after a big play on the field/court.
"Dude, number 14 totally has the hots for number 45 out there."

"No way! How can you tell?"

"After 45 hit that homerun in the tenth to win the game, 14 greeted him with an extra fat ATWAP, and he didn't hold back on the courtesy squeeze."

"Oh, shit!"
by howtheyscored June 19, 2007