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a fat sloppy bitch
Mike went hoggin last nite and banged a gross one!!
by howie feldersnatch October 03, 2003
1.) Italian gened nuisance that attaches like a parasite to a certain group of males and then finds a particular singular host to attach to and begins a man crush stage of its lifecycle. It then attaches itself to the nearest female it can find. After attaching to the female, it casts itself away from the group of hosts and begins the Snake phase of its lifecycle, casting out the female after getting some and then curls up and dies before reproducing.

2.)one who would be found jacking off to lingerie models in the sears catalog.

3.) tells other people to not get involved with a girl becuase it is apparently not a good idea, when in reality he just wants the girl for himself

4.) Son Of A Bitch with no ball sack.

5.) Back Stabber
Vinnie the snake once went out with a girl. They broke up. But they were still members of the same band. The girl then got feelings for a Jewish boy (who will be known as Der Juden for the rest of this story) who was also in the band with them. So Der Juden and this girl go out, and Vinnie the snake found out about it, so he told his evil hell beast harlot, singer bitch aunt to not let people in the band date, even though he had already dated a band member. So minuets later Vinnie told said aunt of the girl and Der Juden’s date and Der Juden was immediately kicked out. SO Vinnie is now dubbed Vinnie The Snake.
by Howie Feldersnatch August 18, 2005
200 as in 200 pounds, etc.
that fat bitch was pushin two bills, but it didn't stop Larry from knockin' it out.
by howie feldersnatch October 03, 2003
noun: a gross deuce characterized by the sound it makes sliding from your bunghole into the terlit water...

verb: the act of dropping a schlumpf
I was surprised to see that my schlumpf was green after eating that greasy hamburger.
by howie feldersnatch October 03, 2003

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