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1) condition characterized by excess perspiration accumulated on the ball sack.

2) an ancient Greek military commander who won fame fighting the Persian invasion. pronounced swess-ta-klees.
1) Yo, open that window so I can get a nice breeze going on my swesticles.

2) Today in history class, we studied war strategies pioneered in ancient Greece. You can really see the influence generals like Swesticles had on modern military.
by housian June 22, 2007
conservatory bowl smoking method employed by marijuana users when several people are trying to get high off of a small quantity. advocated when supply is scarce, this method involves holding the flame to the pipe in short bursts so smoke is not lost while pipe is being passed.
Dude, that's the last of my bud. Use quicklights or I'll donkey punch your sister.
by housian June 25, 2007
1) any type of food preparation equipment, usually found in the kitchen, i.e. cake pans, frying pans, or sauce pans.

2) any apparatus used for smoking weed. this may include pipes, bongs, rolling papers, blunts, etc.
1) Should I bring any bakeware to the cupcake party?

No, I have everything we need to make the best cupcakes ever!

2) Dude, where's your bakeware at?

It's in the closet behind the false door. It's been a rough day. The bong with the 2 foot extension should do the trick. Be a pal and bring it here.
by housian March 26, 2009
1) to destroy a toilet bowl with the full fury of one's bowels
damn dude, don't go in there for at least 20 minutes, i just ravaged.
by housian June 22, 2007

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