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The ultimate test of beauty when one is subjected to the unforgiving fluorescent lights of the 24-hour convenience stores.
Person 1: I was about to go home with this girl I met at a dark club.. but later had to bail after i gave her the 7/11 test.

Person 2: Lucky you stopped for that pack of smokes then..
by house on rock February 16, 2011
The act of 'flicking' through television programs each time an ad break comes on. By doing so, the viewer watches roughly 5 minutes of several crap shows and forgets what they were watching in the first place.
John: Hey Pete, did ya catch what happened in the final Lost episode last night?

Pete: NO, i ended up flicking through the ads and missed it for another repeated episode of Scrubs.
by house on rock March 14, 2011

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