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4 definitions by houdini

A man who believes their sole purpose in life is to give sensual and sexual pleasure to large red-headed women.
See that carrot-top over there. Scottie knows that girl, he's nothing but a bruhn-baller.
by houdini April 08, 2004
the reply you get when you try to pick up a chick and she doesn't dig you at all.

means: before i do you, i'd do a whole bunch of others.

short for: "take a umber and wait. forever!"
Guy: "nice shoes, wanna fuck?"
Girl: "Take a number."
by houdini October 14, 2004
Wannabe cool person, especially an Indian that uses phrases like "what up brotha" and "shit dude...that's crazy". Also, prerequisite of liking curry.
I was at lunch sittin next to this kid. He's all like, "What up dude?"..."Damn, I'm tired of this shit" I was like, damn, what a Rish.
by Houdini May 13, 2004
some one who looks hot, From.The.Back, but when they turn around its a different story...
Oo, an f.t.b!
by houdini July 14, 2003