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3 definitions by houSTONER

Verbal Murder; when a targeted individual (usually the bitch of a group) FREAKS OUT after receiving a facial of insulting jokes from friends. Usually performed by 2 or more roasters, although solo work can be done by the skilled.
After making fun of him about his vagina, he cussed us out in front of a 5 year old boy and his mother. Its official, he was CLOWNED TO DEATH.
by houSTONER January 07, 2010
8 4
the cigarette that you smoke after losing a game of beer pong
Damn dude we lost again. It's going to be like 2 hours before we get back on the table. Lets go smoke a sideline cigarette.
by houSTONER June 09, 2010
3 1
"Down To Game". The desire to game. Term used to reference online gaming. Generally used as a question. Derived from the brother acronym DTF (down to fuck).
Hey fag, I'm getting on Call of Duty in like 20 minutes. You DTG?

Nerd 1: "We need one more player for Team Deathmatch".
Nerd 2: Call xTommyNubz v2x.... That nocturnal overweight virgin is always DTG.
by houSTONER July 17, 2011
4 6