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when someone comes up behind u(or in front) and pulls up on ur underwear. if done on the front of a male it will crush there balls providing entertainment for u and embarisment for the reciever.
i gave myself a wedgie befor in my basement. i tied my underwear from a support beam and jumped. my underwear didnt rip so i hung there my balls hurt so bad not to mention my ass and i hung there for an hour befor i tried to get out of it finally i riped throught the underwear but the shourts were also tied and i ripped through those and had to hide in my basement for an hour naked befor i could be sure of no embarasment getting to my room.
#balls #ass #male #crush #hurt
by hotty July 14, 2006
when comes up behind you in a sport and grabs your jock strap athletic supporter and pulls up hard making the back straps go up your butt.
I was given a jock wedgie by my wrestling teamate for beating him in the meet so while i was changing i was in only my strap while he quietly came up behind me and grabbed it so high that he hung me from the ceiling light and i still touched the ground. then made me watch him take his strap off and put it over my noise and mouth while he tea bagged me.
#jock strap #athletic supporter #wedgie #jock #tea bagged
by hotty June 29, 2006
when some idiot comes and grabs your briefs in fronts and pulls
i was in 8th grade when i was making fun of some senior for being stupid so latter he found me andand gave me a nut wedgie and dragged me (in the nut wedgie position) and then he stripped me of my cloths and ripped my underwear off and threatened if anybody ever found out then he would kick me in the balls 1000 times
#wedgie #pantsed #balls #briefs #underwear
by hotty May 26, 2006
when somebody comes at you and pulls up on your underwear so to cause that person extreme pain.
when my parents went out of town and my messed up friends came over and gave me a wicked wedgie. the worst part is that they ducktaped me outside, took off all my cloths (except the briefs) and then threw a kick me in the balls party. very painful and really embarising
#party #briefs #balls #ducktape #wicked
by hotty April 25, 2006
when friends hold u down and give u a wedgie also put mysterious items down the front.
I was on the beach when my friends came and gave me a mystery wedgie in my speedo. They put down a crab which pinched, seaweed, sand, and food for seagulls. the animals were bighting and pinching. it hert sooooo bad.
#piching #wedgie #seaweed #seagulls #friends
by hotty March 28, 2006
when ur playing a contact sport and u need to protect ur balls.
the captain of the football team had us run into the woods for practice. but instead of running trails we did cup checks. i tried to run (because i slaped my sweaty cup on dork joe's face and the gave him a wedgie in it) but he ran faster then sat on me and told the entire football team to kick me as hard as they could 10 times otherwise he threatened to take all their cloths and towels while in the showers and throw them out of the locker room naked and to lie when i told. so they all kicked me in the balls and my voice was high for 3 weeks. i couldnt get up and had to run back late. so i had to run the woods again with the captain tied me up and put me in a thong.
#thong #balls #cup #wedgie #naked
by hotty May 22, 2006
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