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people that are looked down on jsut cuz there different from the rest of the little fuckers that hang around just cuz they listen to emo music and a stereotyped as people who cry all the time..are never happy and constantly slit their rists when really most of them dont and emo people are fun shytt so people just need to stop stereotyping thwem cuz were just misunderstood..
uhh that girl is so emo
she should just go home and cry and cut her wrists..
by hott emo sexx May 07, 2005
doylestown is an amazing place that gay people like kiki are jealous cuz they dont live there..yes it is true most of us are getting drunk and a drug dealer with his backpack of herb can be found on almost every corner..as well as the local kids getting kicked off the sidewalk because their loitering when really their straight edge kids that are not as badass as the fuzz think..and yes i do chill in town almost every nite..town is my life and kiki should just be shot.
"dude you wanna go to town tonite"
"Sure well get drunk, buy some maryjane and get kicked of the sidewalk by goddamn cops."
by hott emo sexx May 07, 2005

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