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1. when somebody takes too long to tell a joke
2. when somebody leaves out a pivotal part of the joke, therefore makes no sense
3. when somebody tries to crack a joke, but fails to give a smooth delivery
joke teller: "(insert beginning of joke here)... and then, and then, shoot, lemme think about this for a second...."
friend: (shakes head in disappointment) "joke dead"

friend 1: "ew, stephanie pratt is such a s u next tuesday."
friend2 : "don't you mean C u next tuesday?"
friend 3: "yup, joke dead."

joke teller: "why did the chicken cross the ro... ro... (SNEEZE)"
joke receiver: "ew, joke dead."
#joke #dead #killer #delivery #failed #jokedead #joke dead #joke killer
by hotspot0309 January 09, 2010
1. another clever word for a lady's monthly 'gift'

2. another word for PMS, but a worse version

derived from...

A. From 'Drag Me To Hell" a powerful demon spirit haunting that will torment the victim for three days before taking him/her to hell.
"ew, lo bosworth is such a biotch, she must be on her lamia all the time."

"the lamia has come to town, watch out."
#pms #bitch #lamia #sylvia ganush #period
by hotspot0309 January 09, 2010
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