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acronym for LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE. Similar to READ THE FUCKING MANUAL, this is a battlecry for people who have whiny friends who don't use a a simple 10-second search to answer their weaksauce questions
person A: so, um, i have the address to your house, but where IS that?
person B: Do you know where Joe's Bar is? around the corner from there.
person A: Um, no. geez. Where is your place?
person B: LIUOG!
by hotseat July 04, 2007
Refers to going mental over something in a completely unrestrained way, or getting beyond pissed off at something. Refers to an episode of Degrassi Junior High where Shane drops acid at a "Gourmet Scum" concert, trips balls, and jumps off a bridge, causing brain damage.
1)That party was so much fun, I went apeshit on acid.
2)I don't want to go apeshit on acid on you, but what you did was weaksauce, man.
by hotseat June 20, 2007

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