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Insult, last resort in a verbal confrontation, snap among friends.
Yo mamma is so broke that she got a pussy on her hip so she can make money on the side.
by hotboxin November 25, 2005
That fleshy, droopy, wobbly, wrinkly looking skin that old ladies get below thier chin. There is usually a big saggy crease down the middle of the neck and two folds on either side so it kinda looks like a vagina.
Did you see the vagina neck on that lady from the titanic movie!?
by hotboxin November 25, 2005
Total pos car used by all nonmaterialistic or surfer/stoner type residents of Hawaii. Frequently dented, multi-colored, rusted out and slept in. Any sketchy looking automobile or a prehistoric gas guzzler, of the four door variety, with no a/c, horn, working lighter, etc.
1. One man's hoopty is another man's maui cruiser.

2. I thought it was the best vacation sex ever, until he offered to take me to the airport and I saw his maui cruiser. That car had to be 20 years older than he was!
by hotboxin February 03, 2005
The dark, vertical hairline found on the torso of males, but sometimes females, below the belly button that leads straight to the fun bits.
Homygawd, this beach hottie's board shorts were so low that I got a look at his trail of happiness.
by hotboxin November 27, 2005
Totally unoriginal, ridiculous fishbowl looking vehicle that is driven by souless soccer moms or sackless males. Regardless of on board options, such as dvd players, xm, game systems, leather or sunroof it will never, ever be cool and has no trade in value.

Ownership basically eliminates regard for any other vehicle on road except your own and includes frequent slamming on brakes for no reason, driving for miles with turn signal on, brake riding, talking on a cell phone while turned around yelling at kids, inability to park straight and driving 20 miles below speed limit in fast lane.
It sucks living on the same street as a school. I'm surrounded by ninny vans 24/7.
by hotboxin November 27, 2005
The line of dark hair that grows vertically down a man's (and sometimes a hairy woman's) belly and ends at the nether regions.
My tongue followed his dinner line right down to the main course baby!
by hotboxin November 27, 2005
A person that has seemingly excellent credentials (college degree, money, inflated job title) but is really a complete looser and out of touch with reality. Definitely the type with major skelatons in the closet. Frequently found among avid gamers.
This guy seemed so good on paper - cool job, nice car, huge house but it turns out that he's some kind of bdsm, cross dressing freak!
by hotboxin November 25, 2005
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