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Beautiful blonde/brown hair, pretty eyes, a well-built body and a bubbly personality. Malachi is pretty smart, and does football, basketball, and snowboarding. He appreciates his friends and likes messing with people. He is loyal and doesn't take shit from nobody. When he doesn't like someone he isn't afraid to admit it, and he tries not to get involved in any fights. Pretty much hangs out with everyone and likes to spend time with his family. He has goals and he doesn't like to hurt people mentally or physically. He is gorgeous and amazing. He's Malachi.
Girl: Damn he's hot. Who is that?
Girl #2: He's Malachi!
by hot77 October 23, 2013
Gorgeous brown eyes, a fun personality, and likes people when he wants to. He is warm-hearted and doesn't care shit about what other people think about him. Teagon likes to joke around with friends, does football and is a monster when it comes to hunting. He is a smart guy and is incredibly loyal. Teagon is pretty damn amazing.
Girl: Who's that dude that's making that chick laugh so hard?
Girl #2: That's Teagon!
by hot77 October 23, 2013
A sexy beast with amazing hair and a sweet personality. Likes football, basketball, and baseball. Loves all his friends and talks to anybody who is willing to listen. Noah isn't afraid of asking girls out or going for the older women. He's a pretty boy and he knows it. He doesn't take shit from no one and loves to be with friends.
Girl: Damn, he's hot!
Girl #2: That's Noah!
by hot77 October 23, 2013

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