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a head movement, usually done by emo kids, that flips the hair in the emo kids eyes up and falls back over, they usually keep their heads down for while to have their hair completly over there eyes. this is done while listening to emo screamo music, sort of an emo headbang.
me: i luv this song
other emo kid: i know
me: let's do an emo hair flip
by hot emo kid August 14, 2006
emocore means emotoinal hardcore or emotive hardcore.
but you guys have emocore wronge. sure it's stared emo but that doesn't mean bands like Dashboard Confessional and Death Cad For Cutie aren'nt emo. emo music just means "emotional". and also Rites of Spring didn't coin emo, Fugazi did.
underoath is so emocore
by hot emo kid August 17, 2006
a mix of metal and punk rock. this style of hard rock stared genres and fads like emocore and scene. hard core lyrics range from political (suicide machines), to emo (from autumn to ashes), to christian (underoath).
as i lay dying, unearth, underoath, rise against, suicide machines, bullet for my valentine, rancid, slipknot <these are hardcore bands>
by hot emo kid August 18, 2006

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