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A difficult surprise sex maneuver where the male shoves his penis down the female's throat as he is ejaculating causing her to choke on his sperm and if done properly and timed right the sperm will come out of her nose. When sperm can be clearly seen coming out of the females nose she is administered a punch in the nose so that the blood can run with the sperm.
Guy: I gave krysten the bloody dragon. Ive never seen her that pissed. It was a mess.

Guy2:hell yeh brutha
#blood #sperm #cum #punch #head
by Hoss Cat October 23, 2006
To perform doggy style sex with a partner who does not want to recieve a facial cum-shot, so when you are going to ejaculate you pull out, spit on the partners back to fool them into thinking you've finished. Then, when they turn around, you blow the load onto their face.
Guy: (Faking orgasm noise:: spits)
Girl: (turns around) was that good
Guy: (blows load onto surprised girl) You just got sticky hitlerd beeyatch
#facial #fake out facial #money shot #cumshot #surprise
by Hoss Cat October 23, 2006
To sit backwards in a chair so that your stomach is against the chairs back. You may or may not cross your arms and put them on top of the chair's back. Used when uncle jesse'in it or just being cool.
I wanted to look cool today so I sat uncle Jesse style. Then everyone copied me.
#uncle jessie #uncle jessy #full house #pop a squat #chill
by hoss cat October 06, 2007
To be sweet and caring. To offer advice as if you are the only one who knows what you need to hear. To help someone with their problems. If you are truly uncle jess'in it then when someone does something to you or someone you know, you don't tell. To be cool while doing all this.
I have been Uncle Jesse'in it with everyone in my family today. My sister broke my TV but since she is going to replace it I don't see a reason for anyone to know.
#uncle jesse #full house #cool #help #uncle jessie #uncle jessy
by hoss cat October 06, 2007
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