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5 definitions by hortence

outer elbow pit. Everyone has 2.
Would you like to see my weanus?
by hortence March 08, 2005
The act of asking for inappropriate sexual attention from a woman of high ideals - usually associated with French Canadian behavior
He got totally drunk at the coronation and pulled an esmith on Lady Diana.
by Hortence January 29, 2004
Noun - The intentional alienation of those one holds most dear.
She regretted her recent juwee and wished it away like globnik.
by Hortence January 30, 2004
Verb: The act of writing off one's cute supervisors after popping a spaz.
She pulled a juwee over an avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese omlette at the Broom Bush.
by Hortence January 29, 2004
Unwanted sexual attention of a French Canadian to a debutante
At the wedding, he pulled an esmith on her in the middle of the dance floor.
by Hortence January 29, 2004