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5 definitions by horses

(noun)An affliction suffered by females that develops when the temperature and the humidity is high or have recently undergone strenuous activity. Ass sweat combines with the vaginal sweaty discharge and is trapped in the panties creating a noxious odor reminiscent of bad shellfish.
This recent D.C. heat wave has Kristen using her panties as a bread bowl for her vulva chowder.
by horses August 01, 2006
63 9
(noun)A form of swamp ass when back sweat is visibly soaking ones shirt and can be seen running down ones back and into the ass crack. Resembling the Mississippi River delta basin after a strong rain storm.
Damn it's hot out here, the tide must be rising or I have some serious assissippi going on here.
by horses April 27, 2006
31 3
A rotten, pungent odor infested armpit with visible stains soaking through the undershirt.
Adam's shirts are always nasty, his shit pits make the toilet at a rest stop look clean.
by horses May 26, 2006
29 2
(Noun)The visibly soiled stain marks left in the armpit of a light colored t-shit. These stains are often yellowish in hue and if worn heavily, they can develop a stiff texture resembling a potato chip.
Since Adam started that landscaping job his shirts have developed some tasty pit chips.
by horses June 06, 2006
30 8
(noun)A common condition in males that develops when when the temperature is soaring and the humidity is high.Gooch, ass and ball sweat drown the testicles in a pool of sweat forming testicle soup.

Ever since Sam moved to Atlanta, his fatass has generated enough testicle soup to feed a starving village in Ghana.
by horses July 12, 2006
31 13