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when two girls haves sex with eachother. It's usually really hot.
One night I came home from work late and found my girlfriend laying naked on our couch. She was masturbating so I became instantly wet. She got up and started fingering me. She hit my g-spot almost every time. I couldn't hold back anymore. I threw her onto the couch and started licking her wet pussy. She had a huge orgasm. A minute later the doorbell rang. We walked over there still making out. The girl from across the street was there and asked if she could join. I said yes and bent down and started licking her pussy. My girlfriend and her were making out. The women from across the street started fingering me. We fell asleep in each other's arms and woke up and did the same thing again. It was the best lesbian sex I ever had.
by hornygirl123 June 07, 2010

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