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4 definitions by hornskull

a derogatory british word describing the gentle art of masturbation often misused by americans. Hence:
1)wanking- not wanking off
2)wanker- not wank
3)a situation can be a wank
1) i was wanking (when my mother walked in). i had a wank.
2) Graham is a wanker. Americans are wankers.
3) That was a wank(the film, lecture, class, job interview etc).
by hornskull December 05, 2003
2144 1211
pussy , twat , snatch , vagina ,hot chick.
can i touch your punanni?(please)
where is all the good punanni?
by hornskull December 05, 2003
106 21
female masturbation race.
Clarice(to Michelle) 'Do u want another game of duelling banjos? This time I'll win!'Michelle 'Don't count on it!!!'
by hornskull December 05, 2003
15 8
Trip, acid.
I got the T's if u got the E's.Lets go and flip some candy!
by hornskull December 08, 2003
24 50