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love is the most amazing feeling in the world.
love is when you trust, respect and adore the other person utterly; you can be yourself with them at all times, tell them anything, and never wish to hide anything from them. although you can see their flaws, you dont care, or want them to change: you love them for who they are.
you would rather be with them than anyone else, not just sexually, but to talk to them, be near them and hold them.
when youre together hours go like minutes, and when youre apart you cant stop thinking of them.
when they tell you they love you, those are the single most precious and beautiful words you've ever heard. you treasure the memories of you being together, and when you think of them, it brings a smile, everything seems that much better, and you want to tell everyone how much you love them and how happy you are.
you would put them first in any situation. love is selfless, thoughtful, and kind. you feel lucky to have them, and they you.

if you have it, make the most of every single moment. love is rare.
by hopelessromanticX March 07, 2009

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