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1 definition by hopelesslylost

person who thinks their life occurences are more important than their friends. And always has some utter catastophe about to happen that must be analyzed by fifty million of their closest friends. And completely disregards their friends problems, bc despite already talking to their friends about the problem there is always some reason to tell it again, with more detail, and it is still as important as it was the first 500 times!
Girl 1-Uh why hasn't he called? I mean he asked me to come see him but he hasn't called me back in ten minutes.

Girl 2-My boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me.

Girl 1-Oh sorry. Anyway...phone rings....uh he's drunk I don't think he is fair I go see him all the time but he doesn't come to see me unless it's on his way to a business thing.
by hopelesslylost June 11, 2005