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Our soulmate is the confidence to challenge our insecurity, the solution to our problems, the bravery to match our fear & the offering of love to sooth our hate. We all have an empty place in our hearts, one thats reserved for your other half, the one who knows you inside out, who understands you by just glancing into your eyes. Like all great, wonderful, truely amazing things, your soulmate isn't easy to find, but we all have one. When people hear "soulmate", they usually think of "lover", but thats not nessicarily true. Your soulmate doesnt have to be of the opposite sex, & there doesnt have to be any sexual attraction between you, but more often than not there is. When you find your soulmate, there's no question if its them or not, you'll just know, because you'll recognize them as they'll recognize you. After all, how can you not know your other half when you see them? Many soulmates take eons, lifetimes to find, but one day you will find them. So, good luck & may the odds be ever in your favour. <3
Person 1: it feels like there's something missing inside me!
Person 2: don't worry, once you find your soulmate, you'll feel better (y)

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