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Means "whore".
Popular exclamation:
eg, "Putain!" = "Fuck!"

Followed by "de merde" or "de bordel" makes it ruder:
eg, "Putain de merde!" or "putain de bordel!" = "Fucking hell!"

Putain de...(before noun)
Fucking...(before noun)
eg, Je hais ton putain de chien! = I hate your fucking dog!
by hop March 18, 2004
the state of mental breakdown resulting from near overdose of hallucinogens.
Dude, remember when you were on the verge of losing your shit after eating that handful of Nixon Candy and ranted for an hour about the destruction and repair of your favorite headphones?
by hop December 14, 2003
the giant communication network made possible by the hard work and ingenuity of packet slingers across the globe.
I lost the recipe for those buddha rhubarb brownies ... we should look it up on the Interslice!
by hop December 14, 2003
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