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Facerazzi = Facebook Paparazzi
Someone who goes to parties to shoot photos of people who are drunk/wasted and uploads them to his/her facebook album the next day!
Guy1: Man, I got wasted last night at Gina's party.

Guy2: I know.

Guy1: How is that possible? You were not there.

Guy2: Sam posted the photos today in the morning on his facebook album.

Guy1: Bloody hell! He always does so! Sam is a f*****g Facerazzi!
by hoosier_brat March 02, 2009
Facebrawl = Facebook Brawl
A spiteful wall-to-wall conversation in facebook.
Ashley just wrote on Stephanie's wall..

Ashley: Wow, in your new pic you look like you could use some exercise.

Stephanie just wrote on Ashley's wall..

Stephanie: Yeah, and looking at your pic I understand why you did not bring any constume for halloween!

Ashley: Shaddup.. biaa*ch!

<Facebrawl continues..>
by hoosier_brat March 24, 2009
Facebrity = Facebook Celebrity
Someone who is immensely popular in the facebook circles, and whose photos on facebook are visited a number of times by his/her friends, their friends, and by their friends' friends!
Guy1: Did you check out Megan's latest photos?

Guy2: Yeah, man those are awesome, just like her other 459 photos!

Guy1: Yeah, I guess she is a celebrity of sorts.

Guy2: Yeah, a celebrity on facebook; Facebrity!!
by hoosier_brat March 02, 2009

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