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2 definitions by hoorayforthefish

a phenomena that usually occurs after one returns from a long weekend filled with fife and drum music, and though there aren't any fifes for miles, you can still hear them in your head. The same applies for drums.
After returning from the Deep River Ancient Muster, all I could hear were phantom fifes.
by hoorayforthefish July 01, 2011
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A colonial instrument similar to the flute, except shriller in sound and lacking the complicated "keys". It is far more advanced then it's comrade the drum, contrary to popular belief, and a large secret society of awesome people still play it today. Put together with drums, these groups of awesome people are known as "fife and drum corps."
The Old Guard Fie and Drum Corp., the US military fife and drum corp. that is known to be greater than all, and all awesome fifers and drummers secretly aspire to join. Also, I'm pretty sure wikipedia has a good description of a fife.
by hoorayforthefish July 01, 2011
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