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the greatest place on earth. spend on your money to get drunk, eat crappy cafeteria food, and do a shit load of work. The place where matt leinart and reggie bush run the school. yeah..you all wish you were trojans!
when at a partay, you can dance on a pole, freek-a-leek in a cage, or hump some basketball star's backside....fuck yeah
by hoodrat November 02, 2004
Noun. A plastic bag (usually from a grocery store, bodega or other ghetto-mart) that has been inflated and borne aloft by the wind, giving it a jellyfish like appearance. Common in neighborhoods where littering is acceptable but walking on a sidewalk isn't.
I almost ran over that ho because she stepped out infront of me right as an urban jellyfish splatted up against my windshield.
by hoodrat January 04, 2005
Implies that ones worldview is either clouded or clairified by alcohol. In the tradition of rose colored glasses, yet far more delusional.
Of course she's hot... you're seeing her through beer colored glasses. That's also why she looks thin.
by hoodrat December 02, 2005
Drinking to reduce momentary suffering. Cheaper than psychotherapy and, for a while, more fun.
We broke up a week ago, and i've been in extensive alcohol therapy ever since.
by hoodrat November 30, 2005
a man with a huge wang
wow! look at murty, he sure is hung
by hoodrat April 24, 2003
Unable to reach online resources such as google, mapquest, or myspace either because your internet connection is down or because you're unable to get to a computer. This might precipitate the need to call a friend and use them as a Tank.
My motherboard fried and I've been netblind ever since. The email must be piled up to my nipples by now.

I can't get you his phone number, it's on myspace and i'm netblind at the minute.
by hoodrat December 15, 2005
^^^^that really hurts...bad
by hoodrat April 24, 2003

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