8 definitions by hoobaju

To front. To fake it 'til you make it.
Check out that nigga perpetrating like he got some kaish.
by Hoobaju October 08, 2003
back talk, woffin'or talkin' trash
"Give me any more of that back-sass and I'll kick your ass."
by hoobaju May 02, 2005
To really give it long and strong to your partner during sex.
If Denise ever breaks me off a piece of that fine ass, Im gonna bone it like I own it.
by hoobaju June 18, 2009
Generally refers to hair length; a woman with very short hair.
That bitch's hair was as short as ten minutes 'til ten.
by Hoobaju October 08, 2003
"Lickskillet" is the fictional name for any very rural town.
I had the trip from hell, when my car broke down and I had to spend the night in "Lickskillet", Alabama.
by hoobaju June 18, 2009
A cool guy who has lots of ladies and/or kaish.
I know Luke can rustle up some fine honeys for the party 'cause he's such a hella gator.
by Hoobaju October 08, 2003
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