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When you're not sure whether its a fart or a turd, but you go for it anyways, you are embarking on the Poop-Fart Gamble.

If you win the gamble, you've only farted. If you lose, you just shit your pants.
I lost the poop fart gamble today at work. I had to waddle to the bathroom and ditched my boxers in the garbage. Fuck.
by honkbert March 14, 2008
A person who is so engrossed in their MMORPG (World of WarCraft, EverQuest, etc.) that they forgo even the most basic formalities surrounding biological need, like going to the bathroom to defecate.

They poop in a sock instead.
Stop being a poop socker and come out to the bar.
by honkbert March 25, 2008
Now that Facebook is doing a Top 8 friends on your timeline, similar to MySpace, only this time its sort of a randomized top 8, you're a Top 8 Slut when at least one person you've had sex with always shows up in your randomized Top 8.

Applies to both men and women.
Everyday my timeline refreshes there's somebody I fucked in my Top 8, I must be a Top 8 Slut.
by honkbert June 29, 2012
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