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1 definition by honestyistheway

Dilshad is a very unique name that originated in persia and means blessful heart. When you first look at a Dilshad, you don't know what to expect. They're easy to approach and not shy at all. When I first met a Dilshad, I made the mistake of not getting to know him. Don't worry if you have made the same mistake, because it's never too late with them. With a wonderful sense of humor, calming voice, and easy to talk to attitude, nobody is ever dissatisfied with a Dilshad. A Dilshad knows a good person when he meets them, and even though he cares for a lot of people, he will only let special people get to know him.
I once was friends with a Dilshad but we called him Dill back then
by honestyistheway January 27, 2013