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2 definitions by honestleh1234

(from the television show H & S)
A name for a human who thinks and acts like a sloth. They are usually quite dopey and refer to their prison inmate as 'Honestleh'. Together they fight racoons and eat 'iguana meat' as they are their biggest enemies.
-Who is that climbing at tree over there?!
- Some call her/him Slotheh.
by honestleh1234 November 17, 2012
(from the television show H & S)
Slotheh's best friend, as well as rival. She's the better 'sloth' and spends time with Slotheh fighting off racoon's and eating iguana meat. She often uses the catch phrase 'look out for Nigel the crazy noonga'.
- Who's that over there riding the kangaroo?
- Don't worry, it's just Honestleh challenging Slotheh to a duel.
by Honestleh1234 November 17, 2012