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A white male usually from a middle class Neighborhood. Usually bro's will consider them selves to be racist but at the same time claim to be gangsters buy drugs from non white people and also over obsess about rap music. The bro species does not work and contributes nothing to society because they have an iq less then someone with down syndrom. All of them worship freestyle motocross riders but none of them actually ride. While freestyle motocross riders are glad to have these die hard companions people who race dirtbikes on a track resent there very presence. Do not mistake a bro for a person who actually races motocross these 2 people are on a completely different level. Bro's can also be described as a virus. Finally every bro who owns a car can be found driving a lifted above legality truck.
The bro skipped school today to drive with his friends out to watch the x games and smoke alot of weed.
by honda181 March 13, 2008

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