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The art of being a fag. To practice fagism. Enjoying anal sex with same sex partners.
Larry is really into fagology. He's always got his dick up some other guy's ass.
by homophobe July 16, 2003
Male who enjoys the anal company of other males
That Will from Will & Grace, I bet he bites the pillow
by Homophobe November 14, 2002
Short for Emetro, is a common name given to people by the first name kenneth. They think that they are extreme gamers, at games such as warcraft 3, but they never are. You will often find them saying that they will win games for you, but they never do.
Person: Want to win a game for me at wc3?
Emetro: Sure
Person: Ok, but you better not lose.
Emetro: don't worry.

10 minutes later

Emetro: O crap i think i lost.
by homophobe August 15, 2005

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