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The man who would be known as the worst president every but, more importantly is no longer the president
Dude: "God I hate George W. Bush! He's soooooo Stupid!!!"
Me: "Shut the hell up, we established this while he was in office, you might as well continue to harass Bill Clinton for getting head!"
#george w. bush #bill clinton #idiot #asswhole #no longer president #obama
by Homgen4 January 28, 2009
An exclamation featured on the "chappelle's show" when dave was imitating howard dean.
"i'm going all over the world then i'm gonna go to D.C. and take the crown(a short pause)BYAAAAAA."
#dave cheppelle #cheppelle's show #howard dean #byaaaaaa #lost episodes
by Homgen4 September 12, 2006
when your at the bar and your friend who has recently been dumped is complaining then suddenly notes how crappy the beer is then continues to complain about how he got dumped.
"I've gave her everything and this is what that ***** does for me!(takes long swig of beer)**** this beer sucks!Not only that she did it by e-mail how weak is that!" said jeff. "quit your beer bitchin'!" I replied.
#beer #bitchn' #dumped #crappy beer #complaining
by Homgen4 October 28, 2006
The phenomena that occurs in infomercials where the video becomes black and white and the simplest tasks are impossible without the product being sold in said infomercial
Vince from Shamwow: Its not possible to wipe up a spill you just spread it around and everything goes black and white thats why you need shamwow.
Me: Thanks to grayscale syndrome they'll sell a million sham wows
#shamwow #vince #infomercial #grayscale #tv phenomena
by Homgen4 January 28, 2009
When some one writes some grafitti and others edit it freely much like a wiki site
Gorge bush rox
* 2 weeks later*
Gorge bush rox the gay strip joints
*4 weeks later*
Only douchebags write wikifitti
#wikipedia #grafitti #desktop convos #wiki vandalism #spray paint nerds
by homgen4 April 15, 2007
A car shaped like a ramp to avoid deadly head-on crashes.When the car runs into the ramp-car the car shoots off and becomes totaled while the ramp-car stays undamaged
dude!!!! we were driving ramp-cars last night and this dude in a geo tryed to front end me and he went flyn' it was awsome!!!!!
#ramp-car #ramp #car.head-on #crash #funny
by homgen4 November 05, 2006
more drunk than shit-faced
little did i know my parents got shitier faced when they went on alcoholiday
#drunk #beer #faced #shit #shitier
by homgen4 October 28, 2006
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