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Megan Joy from American Idol Season 8. Formerly known as Megan Corkrey but not anymore because she divorced her stupid husband. She has a son named Ryder. She came in ninth place on the show. She is also hot and she can sing. She has a good enough voice to make it big in the music industry. Its not the best voice, but its good enough. She has a very funny personality as well. She's a package artist! Who wouldn't love her? Just give her some good songs to sing and they could become hits. If people don't sign her to a recording contract, they're stupid. They can make lots of money off of her.

Singers she sounds like:
Charlotte Sometimes, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Nelly Furtado
Megan Joy Corkrey is a MILF
by homezfoo July 02, 2009
Winner of American Idol Season 7. He won because a bunch of horny ugly desperate housewives voted for him thinking that one day he will hopefully have sex with them. He was kind of ugly and fat during the show but he lost some weight and got an American Idol makeover and grew some facial hair. He's totally fuckable now. I'd fuck him. I think David Cook thought that once he won American Idol he would be able to have sex with super hot girls, but no. Instead, he has to have sex with old ugly ladies cause they're the only ones who like him, who know who he even is, and they're the people who buy his stuff. He HAS to fuck them. He has no choice.
Old Horny Lady: "Oh my goodness, my David Cook is such an amazing singer. I want to fuck him but i can't cause i'm old and ugly and my vagina is humongous now."
by homezfoo July 02, 2009
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