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A cockblocking guy who is a grade older notice the ped standing for pedofile Jared. See our definition of Jared.
15 yr-old Boyfriend: Hey you wanna hang out later.
15 yr-old Girlfriend: Ya maybe
Ped-Jared: We can go in my car.
15 yr-old Boyfriend: Way to be a Ped-Jared Fag. Hang out with girls your own age.
by hometree January 20, 2011
A girls douchey cock blocking best friend who she claims is her best friend or her brother. He is usually tall and sometimes older this is a new brand of Jared though called a Ped-Jared. His life is usually void of guy friends as he is unaware of what the bro code is. He will always try and hug your girlfriend or try to take her away from you.
Boyfriend: Hey can you hang out later.
Girlfriend: Maybe.
Jared: No remember we are going to the opera.
Boyfriend: Way to pull a Jared fag. Bro code remember?
Jared: What does the bro code mean?
by hometree January 20, 2011

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