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shit hole of a city where elementry students come to school drunk,music teachers spaz on kids because they are doing there work.. people hide behind the library sniffing glue to get high.. old women stand in the middle of the intersection by the parkland mall staring off into space for fun then go home when theres no traffic.. "where a hot guy named Matt lives" says the person beside me! the skateboard park by the ghallger centre is the hottest place to smoke weed! everybody is either a slut is fat fugly or has serious issues! YORKTON HOME OF THE FATTEST WHORES SLUTS AND PROSTITUTES!! people arent scared of druggys murderers or creepers creepin on them cuz there so used to it.. some babys were born with a cigarette in there mouth.. everyone hails lisa ann like shes a goddess.. people who live in yorkton diss that shitty place and hate the people who brought them there.. apparently babies are born in churches not hospitals.. thereallways in competition with melfort! Yorkton hit a serious tragedy on canada day of 2010 when DQ was demolished by water, yorkton workers said itll take a year to rebuild a better DQ grand opening Canada day of 2011.. they only had the foundation done then they said oh well next canada day of 2012. then when that comes we will have another flash flooditll destroy DQ again and they'll say screw it, proving how lazy fat asses live in yorkton.. Yorkton a shit hole of a city where its so bad the yorktonians writenshit about it on urban dictionary! :)
hey man lets go to yorkton

now why the fuck would we do that its a horrible city
by hometown yorktonian July 13, 2011

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