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7 definitions by homeskillet

The noise evangelical rednecks make when they are trying to say "God."
You kiyds git outta thar or Gawd is gunna send ya'll to heyall.
by homeskillet January 05, 2004
356 152
A perfect name for anything, anytime, anywhere. It is especially appropriate for naming pets on the Sims Unleashed.
Good ol' Phep here died in a firework incident.
by homeskillet January 05, 2004
3 2
(Video game term) The action of using temporary invincibility after taking damage to get your character out of that same dangerous situation.
1. "Oh no, I was hit by a koopa, I'll just gwish through it!"
2. "Can you gwish in this game?"
by homeskillet February 19, 2004
4 5
Radlin, the greatest of the Dark and Light FAnboys. Ingores common logic for the greater purpose of making people think that DnL will be a good game.
Radlin almost killed himself when he was kicked out of the DnL beta for breaking NDA.
by Homeskillet February 08, 2005
0 4
Adopted babies will speak the native language of the country they were born in
Ohh, yeah, they adopted that baby from China. They are trying to learn chinese to commincate with the babie's first instinct
by homeskillet December 08, 2004
2 18
noun: the drinking of beer or alcohol via someone's ass
John pookake someone at the bar last night... skeet skeet
by homeskillet May 14, 2004
6 23
See "Homey" or "Homeskillet"
Wassup, my Jiveturkey?
by Homeskillet February 06, 2003
7 66