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2 definitions by homeskill

synonym for penis

i.e. cock, twig, shlong, wang, flapper, bone, dong, dick, wiener, mr. wagner

reference to twig/penis
Yo you ain't bout to get any closer to my dayum sassafras without loosin some teath homboy!
by homeskill November 22, 2010
2 15
a penis that belongs to someone who will accuse anyone who comes within three feet of him of being after it, and is very protective/proud of it.
Jones: Yo Brian you tyina grab my fat junk?!

Brian: no yo, I just dropped my lighter.

Jones: that's it me and my fat junk aint bouncin around this gay town no more.

Jeff: That's ok Jones nobody wants your dayum Cotton Mouth around here.
by homeskill November 22, 2010
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