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2 definitions by homeschooledchica

A "homeschooler" is a person from the ages of 5-18 who does their school at home. These are they kind of kids who give homeschooled people a bad name. They live up to every stereotype imaginable. For example, they always wear running shoes to every single event except church. To church they wear ugly flats with ankle length skirts unless they're boys. If they're boys then they do wear their running shoes to church. These children are also not allowed to mingle with the other gender until they reach marriageable age. These people do not know what a push up bra is and certainly don't know what a thong is. They have never been to a mall and if they have, the only reason is that there is a bookstore inside the mall. They all buy their clothing at thrift shops and never stay up to date on the latest styles. They think partying hard is going to their only friends (besides their mom) house and eating ice cream and oh so disobediently talking about the opposite gender until 10:30 when their parents come to pick them up. They then proceed to tell their best friend every single detail of the night. Who is their best friend? Their mom of course! Also, when trying to relate to others, they use large, confusing words that only Albert Einstein and they themselves understand. Poor homesschoolers... they don't even know that they're not normal.

Note: After this, please look up "homeschooled".
Homeschoolers tend to be pretty lame :p
by homeschooledchica January 22, 2011
A kid who is merely "homeschooled" is not a "homeschooler". This means that though they do their work at home, they actually have friends, they actually go to the movies, their best friends are not their parents, and they don't wear ugly high waisted mom jeans that make them look like they have no butt. They are the kids who would be the cool kids if they went to school, but they're just lucky enough that they get to stay home and do their school whenever they feel like it. They also know how to flirt and how to kiss. They have a bunch of friends. Many of these friends go to school. Homeschooled kids also know how to dress fashionably. They wear low ride skinny jeans and shirts that hang off their shoulder. They wear high heels and are allowed to wear strapless dresses. They go to homeschool homecoming which is a dance where many people dance all in one big clump while some grind in the middle of the clump away from the eyes of supervisors. There is so much more to say, but basically homeschooled kids are like other kids. Normal. We have raging hormones, we dress like human beings instead of old decrepit moms from the 90's. We have normal friends and *shocking!!* we know how babies are made! The coolest homeschooled kids in the world live in South Florida. End of story ;)

Note: Homeschooled kids tend to be just as smart as homeschoolers but do not show it because that would make them seem lame.
John: Wow... look at the homeschooler trying to talk to that girl. Homeschoolers are pathetic.

Jen: You are a homeschooler.

John: How dare you insult me! I'm homeschooled but I'm not a homeschooler.

Jen: What's the difference?

John: Homeschoolers are pathetic losers and homeschooled kids are normal people who just so happen to be freaking lucky enough to do their school at home!

Jen: Oh... I get it!
by homeschooledchica January 22, 2011