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when girls put on mascara that causes their eyelashes to clump together and essentially create three giant eyelashes which is quite reminiscent of spongebob squarepants' eyelashes.
the one with the giant spongebob eyelashes!
by holymoleydood November 22, 2010
A song by steely dan. also the album is named aja and came out in 1977.
did you hear that new steely dan song?
yeah its incredible!
by holymoleydood November 18, 2008
when a person says something that seems like the beginings of a compliment but then just leaves it open ended and very uncomfortable.
"hi how are you?"
"i'm pretty good."
"you dyed your hair."
"uhh yep"
(turns to friend)
"talk about the epitome of a mercy compliment"
by holymoleydood October 09, 2009
the big sister of butterflies(tummy butterflies). These do not occur in relationships that are solely based off of infatuation. Iron Butterflies only occur in incredibly loving relationships, the feeling is much like that of regular butterflies but amplified by a thousand. it feels like butterflies made out of iron are flying around in your belly.
"lock my door and just stay in my room. forever baby. without a care in the world."

"you know how to read my mind! and give me crazyyy iron butterflies"
by holymoleydood October 20, 2010
one of the highest forms of satisfaction. such as getting drunk off wine or champagne is a very happy drunk, getting full off sushi is the happiest form of fullness.
"oh i feel so good right now after that crunchy roll"
"you must be at the peak of your sushi drunk"
by holymoleydood July 30, 2009
usually occurs when your on your way to work our something not so exciting, and

youre in your car by yourself, and on the road next to you is a car full of

people with the windows down and the music up and they look like theyre having

such a bitchin time, and you suddenly get quite envious and wish you could be

them instead.
(over texting)

"i so am not jazzed about working today."

"serious? you were super pumped a minute ago."

"yeah...i caught a sudden case of stage 3 auto MOJO envy :/"
by holymoleydood December 30, 2009
music that is put on during such a pure mood, that goes absolutely perfect with what you're feeling at the moment.
"i love storms like this, with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning"
"we need some theme music"
"put on those to come, it would be perfection"
by holymoleydood August 06, 2009

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