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An amazing girl. The most beautiful girl to ever walk the earth, hands down. Living in a tiny town, surrounded by idiots, she strives not to be sucked into their black hole of ignorance. She doesn't belong there, and needs to escape, soon, before its to late. Everyone she meets falls head over heals for her in an instant. Although very, very, veryyyy sarcastic, her presence is the drive that gets many through a hard day. She hits pretty hard, but if you can take it, the outcome is well worth it. She's nothing like you have ever met, because she's so incredibly fantastic. Nothing can stop her from being the bomb diggity times infinity, and she's definitely the bee's knees.

Ps. Her name spelt backwards is almost wendys


random little fact for ya.
Wow, did you see that girl sydney? She's so smoking hot, and she's so amazinggggg. I think I'm gonna ask her to bone.
by holyhellwhatsthatsmell? December 28, 2008
One who is not unlike God. Totally, and utterly incredible. No one in the world can compare to a Sydneezy. Sydneezies are the most beautiful people in the world, and will destroy any foe in hand-to-hand combat. There is only one problem, only one Sydneezy is known to man.
man1-Yo dawg, dat Sarah chick b sucha Sydneezy.

man2-Actually, that statement was false, due to the fact that there is only one Sydneezy.

man1-Oh, aight den, wutz her name? i goan find her n den she goan be mineeee.

man2-Haha, you are a funny character, aren't you? Everyone knows that her name is Sydney. And she's taken.

man1-Oh, wanna go smoke a blunt?

man2-Yes, that would be grand.
by holyhellwhatsthatsmell? December 28, 2008
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