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The never fail perfect deflector. Always a perfect and easy escape route away from sticky situations. When asked "What?", you reply with the same response, and no one can ever really come up with a response to it.
Keith: "God, she's so hot..."
Gabby: "What!?"
Keith: "What?"

Mike: "So I made out with Greg's hot girlfriend last night..."
Greg: "What!!"
Mike: "What?"
Corey: "Way to go he's standing right with us, genius"
Mike: "No, It's alright, I've got this. He still has no idea about my tongue in his girl's mouth."
Greg: "WHAT!?!?"
Mike: "What?"
Greg: "GAHHH!!"
by holyfrikkincrap March 27, 2009
When one becomes tan enough that they don't seem to get sunburn anymore. Often refuse to wear sunscreen due to this.
Kelsey: "Did you get sunburn from yesterday's pool party?"
Gabby: "No, not at all."
Kelsey: "Lucky...I'm burned everywhere."
Gabby: "Well, I think I pretty much hit my point of no reburn after so much lifeguarding."
by holyfrikkincrap May 27, 2009
It means "Blog My Life"
When you write about your stressful, crazy, confusing, or crappy life in online blog entries. Usually to get out the frustration or anger somewhere safe (there's an oxymoron, safe internet.)
A BML would look like:

"I was so upset when he didn't ask me out last night.
He sounded like he was going to and then...
Nothing! Ah!"

Used in Conversation:

"What a crazy day, thank god it's over! When I get home I'm going to bml."
by holyfrikkincrap June 04, 2009

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