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a catholic is a person who belives in the father almighty creator of heaven and earth.It is the religion that jesus created and the only true religion. it has a pope as its leader starting with saint peter.a catholic recognizes the eucharist as being the true body and blood of christ.
person #1: gee, you seem like a catholic.
person #2: well thank you.
jesus: did someone say catholic?
person#1:yes you did.
jesus:hmmmm.are you both catholic?
person#1: nope im not but peter over there is.
person#2: im not peter im person#2.
person#1: oh well excuse me then!
jesus: stop it!
person #2: listen to him.
person#1: well i dont have time i gotta go make another lying religion.
by holy cow99 May 28, 2009
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