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commonly used in sports to insult players from an opposing team. the sport with the highest amount of sledging is cricket, with one player having to stand in the middle of the opposing team for what could be hours on end. because cricket requires supreme concentration; witty, clever and insulting sledges can be useful in putting the batsman off his game.

some sledges, however, can turn nasty when racism is brought into it, usually by the south africans or pakistanis (but never australians ;)
sledging can occur in football except footballers are usually too stupid to come up with clever sledges.
examples of a sledge:

mark waugh (aus) to james ormond (eng): There's no way your good enough to play for england!
james ormond: maybe not, but at least i'm the best player in my family.

rod marsh (aus) to ian botham (eng): So Ian, hows your wife .... and my kids?

and so on. have to be an aussie or a pom to find them funny
by holmesinho January 23, 2007
a person whose guns have outgrown the word 'gun', and become known as cannons
andy: get a load of the guns on mr d
steve: those arent guns, those are fkn CANNONS!
by holmesinho January 22, 2007
either or both of the williams sisters. because of their likeness to gorillas, and gorillas likeness to bananas, the word bananas is formed
wow look at bananas' forehand
by holmesinho January 22, 2007
coz abbo women breast feed their kids til theyre like 10, their titties are well dodgy. they hang way low and have all bite marks in them.
man 1: hay, look at that abbo women. she keeps tripping on something.
man 2: omfg those are her abbo titties.
by holmesinho January 23, 2007
a new zealander will have the nasty habit of pronouncing their 'i's, 'o's and occasionally 'a's as 'u's and ciritise australians who dont talk like fucktards, as discovered on a recent trip to new zealand.
Kiwi 1: "hay bro, lets get some fush and chups. wheres the fush and chups shup?"
Kiwi 2: "just over thut brudge bro, about fufty-sux metres away"
Kiwi 1: "suck bro"
Kiwi 2: "nice kiwi accent bro"
Kiwi 1: "what accent bro?"
by holmesinho January 23, 2007
just like how australians call italians, greeks, lebanese etc wogs, wogs call people of australian descent doggers. i dont know where it came from tho.
wog: hay bru, stop diggin my ride dogger.
dogger: fark orf wog
by holmesinho January 23, 2007
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